What are the not-so-known MobileUX factors to be considered?

Aditya Patel
2 min readJun 8, 2021

Designing user experiences for mobile websites can be consuming sometimes. Here are a few quick tips to consider while designing MobileUX:

  • Consider showing a search icon on the homepage or, if possible, a full search bar. If users can find a search option easily, usage can increase by 13% on mobile, and overall conversion increases by 41% on mobile when combined with a clear call to action or category navigation. These CTA buttons, for example, can include links to seasonal collections, top-level categories, and new arrivals. By presenting clear calls to action, your business can increase conversion rates.
  • Mention the number of products available under different filters. For example, a color filter for a shirts category page would show a count of how many shirts of each color are available. Hide non-existent option. Returning zero product as a result of product filtering is a bad UX. If white shirts are not available, don’t show the color white in the filters.
  • Provide ways for shoppers to check out anonymously, as 35% of users will abandon their carts if they can’t purchase anonymously. Use labels instead of placeholders to help users remember context during checkout.
  • For returning customers, a frictionless experience is also a necessity. Provide alternative options for users to log into their accounts. If a user can’t remember their password, they’re likely to abandon their cart altogether. Allow users to use social login so they don’t have to always remember their passwords to access their accounts.

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