Mobile eCommerce best practices for UX

Aditya Patel
1 min readJun 22, 2021

Experts after going through qualitative feedback and journey analytics say that eCommerce website visitors raise the same five issues with the shopping experience:

  • Slow page loading times
  • Incomprehensible Navigation
  • Opaque taxonomies
  • Missing product info
  • Relevant and personalized web content

This calls for a better user experience that ensures a seamless engagement on websites.

Here are a few mobile eCommerce best practices for UX that can help make customer’s life easy.

  1. Integrate smart features on the checkout page in no time, for example, implementing a wishlist separate from the cart so shoppers will see the separate use cases.
  2. Implement different payment apps to increase options for the customers easily.
  3. Alter and add buttons of login through social platforms and help customers to escape the troubles of remembering passwords and creating accounts.
  4. Translate the language of the checkout page. Detect URLs of native countries and serve payment in local languages.

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