Four don’ts of Mobile UX design

Aditya Patel
2 min readJun 10, 2021

The main aim of designing a mobile user experience is to make users’ life easier and to not complicate them. Here are four don’ts to keep in mind while you design your user experience for a mobile website:

  • Do not use full-page interstitials for mobile websites. Do it only if you want to be kicked out of Google search results or annoy your visitors. Rather than blocking your homepage and asking a user to download your app, use a subtle banner at the top of your page that the user can click on in case they do want to download the app. Google found asking a user to download your app from the App Store actually resulted in a 69% abandonment rate, where users neither downloaded the app nor visited the website.
  • Do not ask users to sign up, register, or provide any personal information unless there is immediate payoff such as a discount. You should only ask for information if it’s absolutely essential.
  • Don’t make your customers do complicated calculations while purchasing. If customers are saving money on a product, do the math for them. Tell the user exactly how much they’re saving by buying a product right now. For example, if an item is 60% off, show how much they’re saving in dollars, too, if they receive free shipping; be as clear as possible.
  • Don’t force first-time buyers to create an account with you. Allow them to checkout anonymously. 35% of users will abandon their carts if they can’t purchase anonymously. Use labels instead of placeholders to help users remember context during checkout.

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