3 Ways To Improve Shopify BOPIS experience

Aditya Patel
2 min readDec 15, 2021

Buy online pickup in store success doesn’t happen overnight. So many things have to work in concert while keeping every step of the BOPIS process agile.

Here are a few ways that Shopify retailers can do to optimize their experience.

  • Include order details in push notifications

Push notifications are really helpful, but they still require store staff to launch their POS, find orders and identify order details before they actually start prepping orders.

Interestingly, you can bypass the entire process by giving essential pieces of BOPIS order information in the push notification. Try adding this order and product information directly in the BOPIS notification:

  • Product name
  • Features like size & color
  • SKUs
  • Set timers to show time left for prepping BOPIS orders

Instead of relying on the store staff to keep track of time, do the math for them. Along with showing the time when an order was placed, indicating the minutes or hours passed helps staff keep track of where they are behind and what order needs to be picked first before hitting their deadline.

  • Dealing with over promising

Include an option for store staff to reject orders if products are unavailable. This should instantaneously mark them as ‘out of stock’ on your eCommerce store, preventing customers from placing more pick up orders for it at your store. Real time inventory updates from these rejections will reduce overpromising and BOPIS cancellations, creating a better customer experience and increasing repeat purchases.

These are a few things that will help you get one step closer to BOPIS success. Optimizing information in push notifications, adding timers to “gamify” the fulfillment process, and auto correcting inventory when orders are rejected help streamline the core steps of BOPIS fulfillment. Obviously these are functions found in native Shopify local pickup, but custom apps such as our own make this possible out of the box.